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8/31/2012 10Q

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The following unaudited financial statements have been prepared by Laredo Oil, Inc. (the “Company”), pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). Certain information and footnote disclosures normally included in financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles have been omitted pursuant to such SEC rules and regulations; nevertheless, the Company believes that the disclosures are adequate to make the information presented not misleading. However, except as disclosed herein, there have been no material changes in the information disclosed in the notes to the financial statements for the year ended May 31, 2012. These financial statements and the notes attached hereto should be read in conjunction with the financial statements and notes included in the Company’s Form 10-K, which was filed with the SEC on August 29, 2012. In the opinion of management of the Company, all adjustments, including normal recurring adjustments necessary to present fairly the financial position of Laredo Oil, Inc., as of August 31, 2012 and the results of its operations and cash flows for the three month period then ended, have been included. The results of operations for the three month period ended August 31, 2012 are not necessarily indicative of the results for the full year ending May 31, 2013.

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Notes to Financial Statements


On June 14, 2011, the Company entered into agreements with Stranded Oil Resources Corporation (“SORC”) to seek recovery of stranded crude oil from mature, declining oil fields by using the Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) method known as Underground Gravity Drainage (“UGD”). Such agreements include license agreements, management services agreements, and other agreements (collectively the “Agreements”).

The Agreements stipulate that the Company and Mark See, the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), will provide to SORC, management services and expertise through exclusive, perpetual license agreements and a management services agreement (the “Management Service Agreement”) with SORC. As consideration for the licenses to SORC, the Company will receive an interest in SORC’s net profits as defined in the Agreements (the “Royalty”). The Management Service Agreement (“MSA”) outlines that the Company will provide the services of key employees (“Key Persons”), including Mark See, in exchange for monthly and quarterly management service fees. The monthly and quarterly management service fees provide funding for the salaries, benefit costs, and FICA taxes for the Key Persons identified in the Management Services Agreement. The quarterly management fee of $122,500 per quarter is paid on the first day of each calendar quarter, and, as such, $40,833 has been recorded as deferred management fee revenue at August 31, 2012. In addition, SORC will reimburse the Company for monthly expenses incurred by the Key Persons in connection with their rendition of services under the Management Services Agreement. The Company may submit written requests to SORC for additional funding for payment of the Company’s operating costs and expenses, which SORC, in its sole and absolute discretion, will determine whether or not to fund.

The initial funding commitment, subject to various conditions including certain milestones, of $16 million has been effectively satisfied. On October 1, 2012, the Company announced that the SORC Board of Directors approved commencement of an EOR project under the Agreements. The Company will manage the project on behalf of SORC, which will increase the aggregate management fee payable to the Company by $17,083 per month under the MSA. SORC is the Company’s sole provider of revenue.

The Royalty will range from 17.25% to 19.49% as set forth in the Agreements. The Agreements contemplate that a portion of the Royalty equal to at least 2.25% of the SORC net profits (the “Incentive Royalty”) shall be used to fund a long term incentive plan for the benefit of the Company’s employees, as determined by the Company’s board of directors (the “Board”).

Effective June 29, 2012, the Board approved the Laredo Management Retention Plan (the “Royalty Plan”) that outlines the terms and conditions under which employees of the Company are eligible to participate in the Incentive Royalty to be assigned to the Royalty Plan. In accordance with the terms of the Royalty Plan, a new special purposes entity was formed on July 3, 2012 as a Delaware limited liability company (the “Plan Entity”). On October 11, 2012, the Board (i) amended the Royalty Plan to, among other things, change the name of the Royalty Plan to “Laredo Royalty Incentive Plan”, (ii) appointed a Compensation Committee of the independent board members (the “Compensation Committee”) to administer the Royalty Plan and make awards thereunder, (iii) authorized the filing of an Amendment to the Certificate of Formation of the Plan Entity to change its name to “Laredo Royalty Incentive Plan, LLC”, and (iv) adopted and approved an Assignment Agreement pursuant to which the Incentive Royalty was assigned to the Plan Entity in accordance with the Royalty Plan. Also on October 11, 2012, the Compensation Committee made awards of Restricted Common Units of the Plan Entity (the “Plan Units”) pursuant to Award Agreements to certain of its employees, including a grant of 2,400 Plan Units (representing approximately 31.41% of the outstanding units) to Mark See, Chairman and CEO of the Company, and a grant of 1,280 Plan Units (representing approximately 16.75% of the outstanding units) to Bradley E. Sparks, the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. These Plan Units will vest over a period of three years, but are subject to accelerated vesting upon the commencement of production under the initial UGD project as provided in the award agreement. There are 10,000 Plan Units authorized for issuance under the Royalty Plan, of which 7,640 Plan Units are issued and outstanding as of October 15, 2012.