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5/31/2013 10K

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Laredo Oil, Inc. (“the Company”) is a management services company managing both the acquisition of mature oil fields and the recovery of stranded oil from those fields using Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) methods for its sole customer, Stranded Oil Resources Corporation (“SORC”), an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Alleghany Corporation (“Alleghany”).

From its inception through October 2009, the Company was primarily engaged in acquisition and exploration efforts for mineral properties. After a change in control in October 2009, the Company shifted its focus to locating mature oil fields with the intention of acquiring those oil fields and recovering stranded oil using enhanced oil recovery methods. The Company was unable to raise the capital required to purchase any suitable oil fields. On June 14, 2011, the Company entered into several agreements with SORC to seek recovery of stranded crude oil from mature, declining oil fields by using the EOR method known as Underground Gravity Drainage (“UGD”). Such agreements consist of a license agreement between the Company and SORC (the “SORC License Agreement”), a license agreement between the Company and Mark See, the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) (the “MS-Company License Agreement”), an Additional Interests Grant Agreement between the Company and SORC, a Management Services Agreement between the Company and SORC (the “MSA”), a Finder’s Fee Agreement between the Company and SORC, and a Stockholders Agreement among the Company, SORC and Alleghany Capital Corporation, each of which are dated June 14, 2011 (collectively, the “Agreements”).

The Company and Mark See now provide to SORC both management services and expertise pursuant to the SORC License Agreement, MS-Company License Agreement and the MSA. As consideration for the licenses to SORC, the Company will receive a 19.49% interest in SORC net profits as defined in the SORC License Agreement (the “Royalty”). Under the SORC License Agreement, the Company agreed that a portion of the Royalty equal to at least 2.25% of the net profits (the “Incentive Royalty”) be used to fund a long term incentive plan for the benefit of its employees, as determined by the Company’s board of directors. On October 11, 2012, the Laredo Royalty Incentive Plan (the “Plan”) was approved and adopted by the Board and the Incentive Royalty was assigned by the Company to Laredo Royalty Incentive Plan, LLC, a special purpose Delaware limited liability company and wholly owned subsidiary of Laredo Oil, Inc. formed to carry out the purposes of the Plan (the “Plan Entity”). As a result of the assignment of the Incentive Royalty to the Plan Entity, the Royalty retained by the Company has been reduced from 19.49% to 17.24% subject to reduction to 15% under certain events stipulated in the SORC License Agreement. Additionally, in the event of a SORC initial public offering or certain other defined corporate events, the Company will receive 17.24%, subject to reduction to 15% under the SORC License Agreement, of the SORC common equity or proceeds emanating from the event in exchange for termination of the Royalty. Under certain circumstances regarding termination of exclusivity and license terminations, the Royalty could be reduced to 7.25%.

The MSA provides that the Company will provide the services of key employees (“Key Persons”), including Mark See, in exchange for monthly and quarterly management service fees. Mark See acts as the CEO of SORC pursuant to the MSA. He and other members of Company management spend substantially all of their time and effort in fulfilling the terms of the Agreements whereby they use their best efforts to evaluate, acquire, develop and recover crude oil from fields conducive to the UGD oil recovery method. The quarterly management services fee is $122,500 and the monthly management services fee is payment towards the salaries, benefit costs, and employment taxes specified for the Key Persons identified in the Agreements. In addition, SORC reimburses the Company for expenses incurred by Key Persons in connection with their rendition of services under the MSA. The Company may submit written requests to SORC for additional funding for payment of the Company’s operating costs and expenses which SORC, in its sole and absolute discretion, will determine whether or not to fund. To date, no requests for additional funding have been submitted by the Company to SORC.

SORC is funded solely by Alleghany Capital Corporation (“Alleghany Capital”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alleghany in exchange for issuance by SORC of 12% Cumulative Preferred Stock and common stock. Prior to the Company receiving any cash distributions from SORC, all accrued dividends must be paid and preferred shares redeemed. As of May 31, 2013 SORC has received over $38.7 million in funding from Alleghany Capital.

SORC also provided $418,088 to the Company which was used for the sole purpose of paying and retiring in full certain of the Company’s debt obligations and accrued interest. During the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, all debt obligations and accrued interest other than amounts owed to Alleghany Capital have been repaid. Further, SORC provided $200,000 to the Company to reimburse a portion of the legal fees incurred in connection with the Agreements. The proceeds used for retiring the debt obligations are recorded in additional paid in capital and reimbursement of legal fees are included in other income.