Pursuing Value. Financially Disciplined.

We’re a publicly traded oil & gas E&P company acquiring, developing, and operating undervalued conventional assets and select mature fields where our proprietary EOR technology can unlock value. We seek always to maintain the financial flexibility required to capitalize quickly on opportunities by focusing on generating substantial free cash flow and exercising a disciplined approach to expenses and capital allocation.

Our Mission

To create value corporately and socially.

Our Values

  • Good Citizenship – From our production of oil that is the foundation of our economy (and thus our society) to our commitment to environmental stewardship and protecting the communities in which we operate, we have committed ourselves to good citizenship.
  • Teamwork – With the understanding that we are stronger together, we are committed to building strong teams that incorporate all our stakeholders (internal and external).
  • Performance Excellence – We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in every project we undertake.
  • Ethical Behavior – Whether internally or externally, we demand of ourselves and those representing us the highest standard of ethical behavior.

Our Strategy

We will create wealth by:

  • Unlocking value where others have overlooked it;
  • Emphasizing free cash flow, allowing us to seize those opportunities quickly; and
  • Taking a disciplined approach by de-risking our projects and exercising care in incurring expenses and allocating capital.

Our Goal

To create value for our investors, our employees, and our society.